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Author's Chapter Notes:
Carrying on from where Christine leaves with Raoul on the boat from the Phantom's lair, she decides to re-visit.
“Christine, I’m so glad your safe!” Raoul said as he exited the boat and stepped onto the concrete platform. He held out his hand softly to help Christine up.
“Raoul, I’m so sorry I brought this up on you, you should have never been involved with this.” said Christine as she took his hand and helped herself up, the couple started walking down the stone ally way, back to Christine’s dressing room.
“Don’t be sorry love, the main point is, were both safe.” Raoul reached over to kiss Christine shortly on the lips, and they carried on hand in hand down the ally. Christine felt guilty for her Angel of Music, it should have never ended the way it did. If only she could go back in time to sort things out, to make things right again.

Finally, they reached the mirror that lead out of the Opera cellars, and into Christine’s dressing room, Raoul slid the mirror shut for the final time.
“Don’t worry Christine, your safe now, were safe now, I won’t have you through any of this ever again.” Raoul said, pulling Christine closer to him, to a loving hug.
“Even though all of this is my fault?” questioned Christine. Raoul pulled out of the hug and stared at Christine, puzzled.
“Christine, none of this was your fault, stop blaming yourself love,” Raoul headed for the door. “I’ll be back for you in the morning, sleep tight, Little Lotte.” He blew a kiss to Christine and shut the door. Christine was helpless, she turned for her closet and pulled out her white gown, and slipped it on.

“What am I doing?” Christine asked herself. How could she have possibly left her Angel, the state he was in? She turned her head slowly, facing her mirror which, according to Raoul, was shut for the final time.
“Stupid girl.” She said to her self again. She walked over to the mirror and placed her hand on the smooth glass, looking at herself.
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