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Summary: It is April 1912. Christine Daae, orphaned and left behind with her abusive, cruel stepmother, travels aboard the Titanic headed for America. When she steps onto the deck, she heads into an experience she'll never forget. (This should please you Raoul bashers: I didn't add him into the story, but you might find him in some of the characters I created.) Read and review!!
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Novels Characters: Erik/Christine
Genres: Romance
Warnings: sexual scenes, violence
Series: None
Chapters: 5 Completed: No
Word count: 12732 Read: 8663
Published: 18/12/08 Updated: 16/10/10

1. Chapter 1: Out to Sea by erikphan16 [Reviews - 5439] starstarstar (3768 words)
This is the first of several chapters to come; the way the story is told should interest you. I decided to tell from the eyes of Christine and Erik...through their diaries. Enjoy!

2. Chapter 2: Love Blossoms by erikphan16 [Reviews - 0] (2190 words)
A little bit of excitement here....o_O Read and review!

3. Chapter 3: Silent Tears by erikphan16 [Reviews - 0] (2432 words)
*Now*....it's Erik's turn...this scene is a nod to POTO's "Masquerade!" minus all the movie drama :P Again, read and review!

4. Chapter 4: Hesitant Beginnings by erikphan16 [Reviews - 0] (1569 words)
Some angst and Christine hits rock bottom...:(

5. Chapter 5: He's With Me Always by erikphan16 [Reviews - 0] (2773 words)
Erik and Christine....it's sweet....don't want to ruin it for ya, so...just read and review! :D

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