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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hope you enjoy but you ought to know that the last stanza isn't my own, rather it belongs to Charlotte Bronte from her amazing novel Jane Eyre.
Joy is me!
I've found my love
We fit together
Like his leather glove

He hides his face
And I, my heart
From the world's prying eyes
We shall soon depart

Deep in the cellar
Far beneath the gutter
So that only faintly we hear
The world's distant mutter

The spell is cast
And bewitchments made
My memories of life
Already start to fade

He seems as my oxygen
Without him, I cannot live
I have ready in return
My heart and soul to give

Darkness filled my past
But brightness is ahead
So promised my father
As he expired in his bed

He sent me my Angel
That I may be blessed
Together we've made heaven
For our weary souls to rest

On the pillow of music
In a sheet of notes
Together we lay contented
For our love always dotes

Soon we will be wed
Two souls merged into one
Excitement fills my heart
As I imagine the deed done

Our new life is beginning
Time to say good-bye
To old friends and
Old ways, soon to die

Farewell my friend
And sweet ami
You've shared my pride
And childish lies with me

But now I must go
And with my love, stay
I bid thee au revior
And for you, I will pray

I am now content
With my newfound joy
He brightens my life
I swear there's no ploy

For my love I have
To live, to die
For as I love
Loved am I
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