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Author's Chapter Notes:
I think that I ought to start this off by telling you that this is another phantom poem and again I don't own anything except for the poem itself, which like a couple others I wrote in Algerbra. This poem is dedictated to Mr. Brcka (I know that looks like a typo, but really that's how he spells his name), my math teacher, who thinks I take really good notes cuz I'm writing all class! I also want to make note that I've still got an A in class even with my writing!
I can't breathe
I'm going down
Nothing can help
I'm almost drowned

Nobody cares
Nobody's there
Who can I tell
This isn't fair

I don't need this pressure
My mind's about to burst
Why do I deserve this
Why am I so cursed?

For this shadow
To darken happy days
For unfeelingness to rot
Away my pleasant ways

Now I am hollow
Empty inside
For no one was there
Alone; I cried

Lonely with sorrow
Solomn from pain
There's no light in my eyes
Happiness I cannot feign

My choice is clear
Though I don't want to choose
For either way I pick
I am sure to lose

I have two lovers
But can keep only one
If I play this game
I'll end up with none

One I cannot leave
I love him too much
He is kind and brave
And handsome and such

The other is dark
But perfect too
He'll love me forever
That much he's proved

In his palace, he'll keep me
His lone, precious treasure
Together we'd stay
Having hours of pleasure

With Raoul I would be
A woman of society
A lady with grace and poise
And beyond all else; propriety

Only parties all day
And balls all night
A life like that
Is a young woman's delight

But Erik could give me
A whole different life
Away from humans
And their pain and strife

We could be locked away
Hidden like jewels
The only ones to find us
Would be the most daring of fools

The price for those lives
Is more than I could pay
The only thing to do
Is bow my head and pray

For what I do not know
I cannot see an end
With all this hatred
My heart, I cannot fend

With God by my side
I make up my mind
I state my choice aloud
My disasterous find

I know now
That I must choose
The one that I love
But could never refuse:

I choose Erik
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