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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hey guys! To whoever is reading this, I hope I'm not wasting your time!!!! Enjoy!
Who is he?
What is he?
He is with me
He IS me

He is my
My life
My night

He won't leave me on my own
When I feel all alone
When I'm through with trying
And only feel like crying

He is always there
My angel of the night
From the shadows he shall stare
And will make my song take flight

I can never leave him
Even should I wish
If ever should I go
He would drag me back below

To the world
Of only night
Nothing but us
No ray of daylight

Here the sun is wary
And others take to fright
What they may find scary
Is what I like to call my life

The lost and hidden world
Deep beneath the lake
With mist that always swirled
The land that God has forsake

A world with only lust
Governed by our senses
In love's impatient thrust
We abandon our defenses

All I want is love
His passion fused with mine
All I need is him
To have our bodies entwine

All he wants is me
Forever and a day
In darkness let us be
Or severely you must pay!
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