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Author's Chapter Notes:
Okay like I said before, this is a poem based off of the book, but you will understand it if you've seen the Webber production or any other Phantom version and I would hope as you are a phantom phan club that you have! Also you should know every time I use the word "he" I'm referring to Erik. Enjoy, Read, and Review! But please, no flames!
Filthy, evil, bad
Wicked, naughty thoughts
When will he learn
It's of him, I am thinking

Unclean, impure, tainted
My innocence is gone
Withought touching me once
His power has deflowered

Shameful, horrid, ghastly
I must run from myself
To a familiar friend
Someone must save me

Running, hiding, laughing
Purity has returned
My Angel can't find me here
With my secret love

Damned, ungrateful wretch
Is what I deserve to be
I've shattered his soul
And severed his hold on me

Bitter, resentful, danger
His anger is that of Hell
I thought him once an Angel
But know him now a Devil

Curious, strange, unusual
My feelings haven't changed
I love him, I hate him
But still, I cannot leave him

Sweet, seducing agony
My heart is torn in two
Yet how lovely those moments
When I am under his spell

Passion, fire, lust
The flaming inferno which traps me
I see it all in his eyes
But still, he will not touch me

Powerful, dark, mysterious
On stage one second,
Vanished the next
How will anyone find me

Anger, hatred, wrath
Contempt so clearly blasting
From icy, unfeeling eyes
But again he says he loves me

Mirthless, crazed laughter
Torture to endure
My two lovers duel
One with brains and one with brawn

I wonder who shall win

Unbalanced, tearful dunce
The stakes are getting higher
Who shall I choose, what shall I do
Dear Lord, I feel so stupid

Scorpion, grasshopper, choose
But which I do not know
Scorpions are poison
But grasshoppers are worse

Venom, poison, love
All fused into one
Erik is my husband
And Raoul, as good as done

Desire, greed, longing
I don't know who I love
Is it possible to have two loves
Or must I have only one

Flaunting, flirting, teasing
My dirty thoughts revived
My lust needs gorged; I want his flesh
Does he even still love me

Unsure, insecure, questioning
He has let me go
But should I flee or remain to be
Always not quite whole

Quenching, entwining, tangling
My passion now is sated
Now again I wonder
When will he learn, it's of him I am thinking?
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