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Author's Chapter Notes:
So, this is my first story and it's basically Erik's feelings about Christine and her leaving his lair etc...
Why had he let her go? She was right there, he could go over to her, embrace her, they could go back together. She loved him. It was so apparent, yet he had told her to go. What had been going through his head as he had told her to leave him? His regret and remorse took over him.
" Christine!" he yelled.
He knew she couldn't hear him, she was gone, she would never come back. He crumpled to the floor, no longer a Phantom, no longer a ghost, no longer an angel, he was just Erik as sobs shook his body.

Memories are sometimes the most powerful things that ever existed.

Erik saw her entering through the mirror, and for a moment she was still in his arms as he carried her to the bed. He saw her frightened expression melt into love during the masquerade. He saw her hopeful and sad eyes in the graveyard. He saw her passion during his Opera. He saw her pity in his lair.

When she was there, he had something to hold on to. She was always there for him, even if she didn't know it. But the truthfulness of love was there.

The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned.
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