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Author's Chapter Notes:
I thought of this poem when I saw Christine's haunted expression on her gravestone. I thought of the awful hauntings that she must have endured.
Your face haunts my memory
The expression you wore then
I cannot live my life
Wondering what could have been

What joys might we have known
What wonders might we have seen
I dream of this unborn time
And to forget it I am far too keen

Riches are beyond dull
And my husband, always shallow
His unfeeling, prudent judgement
Has sent me to this gallow

I do not want life
I do not fear death
I love you I write
As I take my last breath

I jump and I swing
From this callous rope
With me, dies my soul
And with it, my hope

But you see my dear
My love never dies
I'll wait for you, My Angel
Up above in the skies
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