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Author's Chapter Notes:
I hope all of you like it...I just came up with the idea after listening to the musical I am currently performing, Once of this Island.
"Madame Giry, please. I must find him," Christine pleaded. The motherly ballet teacher sighed.

"Very well," she said, and she turned away, leading Christine to her dressing room. She slid back the mirror and left the room, not wanting to be involved.

Christine stepped into the passageway, making her way though the maze of the cellars, trying desperately to slow her breath as she neared the Phantom's home. She didn't see him at first, and wondered where he could be. She stepped out of the gondola, steadying herself for a moment, then walked up to the figure sitting by the miniature opera house.

"Angel..." She stuttered, utterly frightened.

"Please don't call me that, for the name doesn't suit my nature. My name is Erik," he said solemnly, chilling her with his voice.

"Erik..." she said, not sure how to put her feelings into words.

"Why?" she asked, unable to say anything else.

"He would have told people where my passages are. I would be hunted down and killed," he said angrily.

"Erik," she began again, tears filling her eyes.

"And of course you would wish to go with your precious Raoul...and he was all for going against my demands," Erik continued, rambling things that had nothing to do with her question.

"Erik, I do not love Raoul. I have simply met him again by chance. I do have feelings for you but..." she bit her lip to keep herself from crying.

"But I am so afraid! I do not know how I can love one who has killed!" She cried, allowing tears to run freely.

"Christine..." he said, trying to explain his horrible deeds.

"I have no excuse for my actions...I just was taking revenge for the pain inflicted to me..." he said sorrowfully.

"Erik, what can I say? I feel so much pity for you, and yet I cannot bring myself to easily forgive you for your actions," she told him truthfully.

"Christine I love you," he said passionately.

Christine was touched, and began to sing, a song she had never sang before, a song directly from her heart.

"Sure as a wave needs to be near the shore, you are the one I was intended for! Deep in your eyes, I saw our god's design, where my life is forever yours...and you are mine."

He stood up and stared into her eyes for the first time since she had left his lair. He pulled her to him, and passionately kissed her, and she returned his kiss, telling him she meant everything she said.

"Erik...can we just...go? Leave my world behind? Stay here forever?" she said, her heart filling with hope.

His eyes grew moist with tears.

"Yes Christine," he said to her, smiling.

They embraced.
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