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Author's Chapter Notes:

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Christine Rain de Chagny VII was never fond of her name. Ever since she heard the story of The Phantom and Christine she just gave up on it. Besides, she was an original and didn’t want someone else’s name.
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"Bonsoir Monsieur Kuk," said Rain as she entered the Opera Populaire museum late one night. "Do you mind me looking around?"

"Ah, hello Rain." said the owner and manager of the museum. "I was hoping you'd come. Please, let me show you something."

"Oui monsieur," Rain replied politely and followed the man to a vault.

Monsieur Kuk pressed a few numbers and turned a key in the lock and opened the vault, motioning for her to follow him in.

She stepped in and saw at the end of the vault three boxes. Monsieur Kuk treaded down the long hallway and picked up one of the boxes, the smallest of all and handed it to Rain.

"Rain, all of these boxes are rightfully yours. Their contents belong to you. You must keep them safe. But before you open them, let me tell you that they have each been thoroughly cleaned and restored to perfection. You may open this one first."

Rain looked confusedly at the man but proceeded to open the box. Inside was an engagement ring. "Sir... How does this belong to me?" she asked.

"Do you remember the Phantom that we told you about?" he waited for her to nod and then continued. "He gave this ring to Christine Daae."

Rain felt an urge of hatred running through her body like wildfire at that name.

Seeing fire in her eyes, Monsieur Kuk handed Rain the second box. Inside of it was a music box with a monkey in Persian robes playing the symbols.

As Rain opened the box, she heard a familiar tune. It sounded like something Christine Daae would’ve danced to at a ball or party.

"Mademoiselle," said the owner holding the third box. "This is the most important box of all. It was found in a girl’s dressing room in the O.P. and was immediately brought to us."

Rain hesitated to take the box and opened it. When she saw the contents, she gasped. It was a white porcelain mask. She picked it up and all of a sudden, an image of a man with black, slicked back hair, sapphire blue eyes, and dark outer wear was walking down a corridor wearing this mask.

"Sir, thank you so much but I must be going." Rain turned with the three boxes in her hand and walked out of the museum, feeling light and dreamy. Her chestnut colored curls were whipping around her face and her ocean blue eyes were staring off in the distance as if she had seen a spirit.
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