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Author's Chapter Notes:
Based on Beauty and the Beast. R&R!
x x x

"Goodbye papa! I am going to go get a new book!" I exclaimed. I then turned and grabbed my wooden basket and proceeded out the door.

It was a fine day, the sun was peeking behind a few thin clouds, buds were beginning to blossom and you could hear the gentle peep of new born birds.

As I walked into the busy town I saw that everyone was going about their day, as usual. It seemed the entire town was in a rut, and had been for years. The baker was in the shop window yelling at his assistant, the ladies were gaping over the men, the men were trying to impress the ladies and Raoul was trying to find me.

I quickly ran into the book shop and put my book back in its place.

"Hello Christine," said the shop owner. "Back so soon?"

"Yes sir," I replied. "Do you have anything new?"

"Not since the last time you came." he chortled.

"Oh, alright." I mumbled. I searched through the shelves and found my favorite book. "I'll just borrow this one."

"That one? But you've read three times!" he exclaimed.

"I know but it's my favorite! Far-off places, magic swordfights, a prince in disguise! If only everything could be that way." I told him.

"Well if you enjoy it so much, you may keep the book." he smiled.

"Oh, really? Thank you so much!" I hugged him then turned and walked out of the store.

I began reading the book, sitting on the fountain, when a black boot placed itself right next to me.

"Hello Raoul." I said glumly.

"Christine why are you reading these books? Women are not supposed to read. If they do they start getting ideas and think they can do anything." Raoul said rudely. He then took my book from me.

"Raoul may I have my book back please?" I asked him angrily.

"How do you read this with no pictures?" he laughed.

I snatched the book from his grasp and ran.

"I'll bet she's running back to her father to help him! That crazy old man needs all the help he can get!" Laughed Dillo, Raoul's accomplice.

I turned on my heel and ran up to him, yelling, “Don't talk about my father that way!"

I was pink in the face and both of them stifled a laugh. I kicked them hard in the shin and then ran off to my house.

x x x
As I entered our home, music of the violin entered my ears. I was drawn to the music room where my father, Gustave Daae, was practicing. I rocked with the music and when it stopped, I had a smile on my face though my cheeks were still red with fury.

"Christine, what is troubling you?" my dad asked.

"Oh it's that Raoul again. He has no respect for me or any other women at all! I cannot stand him! He's so cocky and..." I sighed deeply.

"My dear I promise that if you stand up to him he will back down. If you show him there is more to women than just a pretty face then he might, just might, change." with that, my father kissed my forehead and continued with his violin.

I hardly believed my father when he said Raoul would change. What on earth could change Raoul? Nothing, that's what. Raoul de Changy will forever be a self-centered, immoral being with no respect for women.

With this thought I ran into my room and my father's music seeping through the door put me to sleep.
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