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Summary: When Claudia de Chagny meets the mysterious Erik, she immediately sees a father in him and soon discovers that she is truly the love child of Christine Daae and The Phantom of the Opera. Will Claudia be able to bring her family back together again?
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Novels Characters: Erik/Christine
Genres: Romance
Warnings: alcohol
Series: None
Chapters: 6 Completed: No
Word count: 15126 Read: 12518
Published: 11/03/07 Updated: 03/10/07

1. Help me say goodbye by Fantasma [Reviews - 14] starstarhalf-star (1952 words)
I wrote this one a while ago and I am fully determined to finish it. This phic is dedicated to my girl, Black Rose because she loves this story. And please note that the character of Claudia is named after the character from Anne Rice's book, but I'm trying not to make her seem too much like her. Enjoy!

2. Friend and father? by Fantasma [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarhalf-star (3047 words)

3. Man and Mystery by Fantasma [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstar (3670 words)
AN: Okay, I am sorry about ?L?Ange Guardien? because I promised to have it all back up by this week, but it might take a bit longer than that due to some technical difficulties. It?s a long story. But, I?m her with a new chapter for this phic. Sorry for the wait, by the way. It took me a while to find out where this chapter was going and I?m quite proud of it.

I wish I would have written this first scene for the last chapter, though, beacause I want to give Raoul more of a sympathetic character. I know. I may be a pure EC shipper, don?t have that big of a grudge against the poor old fop. I?m sure he has at least a little bit of humanity under that funny-looking hairdo of his.

Anyhow, enjoy and please review!

P.S. The song Erik sings is called ?Electric Blue? by The Cranberries. Wow, I haven?t listened to them in a long time!

4. Make My Song Take Flight by Fantasma [Reviews - 0] (2477 words)
Hi, guys! I'm back and I'm not dead! I'm sorry it's been a while, but I've been really annoyed with the flames in my story "L'Ange Guardien" and I'd like to thank Lucy for romoving those messages because I found it ironic that we were all part of a site based on the love of two characters when we were practically starting a war. Anyhow, I'm glad it's over and thank you again, Lucy!
Also, the song used in this chapter is called "Somehwhere" by Within Temptation and some of you may recognise a quote from my favorite Shakespeare comedy "Much Ado About Nothing"

5. Fire Shall Flood the Soul by Fantasma [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1549 words)
AN: Okay, I know this is going to scare some people because I got a lot of mixed reviews on FF when I posted this one. Some where intruiged and others were kind of freaked out by the fact that I turned Raoul into an emo! Wierd!
Anyhow, enjoy!

6. You Belong to Me by Fantasma [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2431 words)
AN: I know, loves, it?s been a while since last I updated, but it's been a tough time for me since I got a lot flames here. But, here I am and I?m not dead, I can assure you that. In fact, I saw PotO on stage last month for the first time in my life and I loved it! The guy who played Erik was a really good actor, but Christine wasn?t exactly a Tony winner, but in any case, I loved it and I had a great time!
Anyhow, here?s my new chappie and I?m honestly not to proud of it, but here it is! Please feel free to read, relax and review!

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