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Author's Chapter Notes:
Mainly, this is a collection of poems that I wrote based on our favorite couple. I wrote these for SD before, but they were deleted. I rewrote most of them on Fan Fiction and now I'm posting them here again. Hope you like them. Black Rose, I know you're out there and if you're not here, review or break my black little heart forever because frankly, nobody really gives a damn about my poetry.
This was one of my first EC poems and it's mainly about Erik's thoughts and wonders if Christine would ever love him the way he was.
Would You Love Me?
If I were an angel to you,
Would you love me?
Or would you see me
As just another shadow?

If I were the one for you,
Would you love me?
Or would you claim
You're not the one for me?

If I told you I loved you,
Would you love me?
Or would you refuse me
And turn me away?

Would you even see me at all?
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